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Housing Solutions and California's Failed Housing Policies

September 7, 2022
5:00 PM PT - 6:30 PM PT

Join Bob Silvestri, president of Community Ventures Partners and founder, editor-in-chief of the Marin Post, in the third of a four-part Town Hall series on Housing and Litigation entitled “Stop State Takeover: Preserve Local Control.”

Marin Post readers will be familiar with Bob’s 15-year history of tracking and writing about local, state, and national housing challenges. His most recent article, “10 Things We Can Do Now to Promote Affordable Housing” is the subject of the Marin Town Hall.

Bob's other articles reveal the scope and depth of his findings. In June, he published, “The State’s RHNA Housing Quota Days are Numbered.” In July, he offered a solution under the title, “Small is Better – Missed Opportunity.” An August article was called, “The California State Legislature is Beating a Dead Horse.

The Catalysts Town Hall series is free and open to the public, including elected officials, community leaders, and constituents. You must REGISTER in advance to get the Zoom login information.

Previous speakers were attorney Pam Lee, Aleshire & Wynder, describing how city councils can join lawsuits to protect against state overreach. The second Town Hall featured former eight-year Albany City Council member Michael Barnes talking about how the California housing assessment system is rigged to set cities up for failure. Recordings of the Town Hall presentations, along with other litigation resources, are available on the Catalysts website.

The fourth and final Town Hall will include Mike Griffiths, Torrance City Council member and founder of California Cities for Local Control, and John Cruikshank, Rancho Palos Verdes City Council member. They will describe why their cities decided to join a lawsuit against SB9, which removes single-family zoning for every city in the state.

Catalysts is proud to acknowledge the organizations listed below. If your neighborhood, homeowner, or tenant association would like to endorse the 4th Town Hall, click ENDORSE. It’s easy. It’s free. It builds the network of support for preserving local control.

THANK YOU to these statewide, neighborhood, and community ENDORSERS:

Better Cupertino, CA Alliance of Local Electeds (CALE), CA Cities for Local Control, Citizen Marin, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, Hills 2000, Friends of the Hills (Los Altos Hills), Livable CA, Los Altos Residents, Our Neighborhood Voices, Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning, Riviera Homeowners Association, Sustainable Tam Almonte, United Neighbors (Los Angeles), Valley Village Residents Association, and West Torrance Homeowners Association

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Organization: Catalysts for Local Control

Contact: Susan Kirsch

Contact Phone: 415-686-4375

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