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Why Our Cities Decided to File the SB-9 Lawsuit

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September 21, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Join Mike Griffiths, Torrance City Council member, and John Cruikshank, Rancho Palos Verdes City Council member, discuss why their cities filed lawsuits against SB-9. Get answers to your questions.

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SB-9 is the housing bill that passed in the fall of 2021 with an implementation date that started in January 2022. It is known as the California Home Act. It was marketed as a solution to the state's housing crisis, tackling the bogus claim that cities are to blame for housing problems because of their zoning policies. With a few exemptions, the law eliminates a local jurisdiction's authority to set zoning requirements for single-family homes. Instead, an owner/investor can split a lot, put two units on each half, and thereby convert a formerly single-family property into four units. The law eliminated public hearings and failed to include requirements for affordability. One off-street parking spot is required per unit unless the property is near transit or a car-share vehicle.

Mike Griffiths is the founder of California Cities for Local Control, a statewide advocacy group for local control over zoning and land use decisions. He has assembled a volunteer organization of several dozen people from all around California, including other elected officials, homeowner group representatives, city planners, and passionate homeowners, all sharing the common belief that Local Governments should remain the ultimate decision-makers for how their communities grow and thrive.

John Cruikshank is President & CEO of two Southern California engineering firms. Through involvement with hundreds of unique engineering projects, John understands leadership, community outreach, and management. He became a Registered Civil Engineer in the State of California in 1993. He is a licensed professional engineer in more than 20 states. John is currently a Board Member and Past President of the Harbor Association of Industry and Commerce where he formed their Workforce Development Committee. He represents his city on the South Bay Cities Council of Government and is a Los Angeles County Sanitation Board Member.

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Previous speakers were attorney Pam Lee, Aleshire & Wynder, describing how city councils can join lawsuits to protect against state overreach. The second Town Hall featured former eight-year Albany City Council member Michael Barnes talking about how the California housing assessment system is rigged to set cities up for failure. Bob Silvestri, publisher of The Marin Post, described housing solutions, based on the Marin Post article entitled 10 Things We Can Do Now to Promote Affordable Housing.

Recordings of the Town Hall presentations, along with litigation resources, are available on the Catalysts website. Donations are welcomed.

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