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The Marin Post - Year in Review - The Top Stories of 2018

2018 was another year of growth for the Marin Post: Marin's premiere, online citizen journalist news magazine. We want to thank all the terrific journalists who have contributed their work this year.

In 2018, The Marin Post has surpassed 70,000 unique visitors / readers and served up over 272,000 page views, while providing a publishing platform for 153 writers since our launch in June 2015. The breadth of topics covered continues to expand and each week the percentage of new readers continues to increase. Most impressive is that the total number of users rose 75% year over year from 2017 (Google Analytics data).


These were the top stories of 2018, listed in order of the most read:

MCE's and Kate Sears’ Dirty Secrets - Part 1 of 3 Parts

Posted by: Jim Phelps

Kate Sears arrived on the Marin political scene amid promises to conduct her Supervisor business in an open and transparent manner. Part of her commitment was to ... … more »

The Marin County Counsel’s assault on the public’s right to know

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

Of all the legal actions the public can bring against a municipality the two that are arguably easiest to remedy without significant cost or risk of penalties, are... … more »

Yuppies In My Backyard: SB-827 and Deconstructing Community – PART I

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. ~ Abraham Lincoln Public political di... … more »

Court rules on CVP v MCOSD: NO BIKES allowed on Bob Middagh Trail

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

For Immediate Release: On Friday, April 6, 2018, Marin Superior Court Judge Haakenson handed down his final decision in the case of Community Venture Partners, In... … more

MAPE’s attempt to extort Marin County taxpayers

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

The Marin Association of Public Employees (MAPE) has gone on strike against the County of Marin and is demanding enormous, guaranteed salary increases over the nex... … more »

trainpathway-1.jpgSMART's Ridership and the Coming Fight over TODs

Posted by: Mike Arnold Ph.D.

SMART is required to report monthly ridership to the DOT, which publishes monthly figures on its website. Also, up until this month, the MTC reports Clipper Card u... … more »

GGVRC-vs-MHA-Eviction-copy.jpgMarin Housing Authority Seeks to Evict Annie Small: a 98-Year Old Marinship Welder

Posted by: Royce McLemore -

Annie Small has lived in Marin City public housing for over 50 years. She just wants to live out the rest of her days in her home where she can be at peace. The... … more »


Sierra Club California Opposes Senate Bill 827

Posted by: Marin Post

The following letter has been sent to State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) by Kyle Jones, Policy Advocate of Sierra Club California, opposing SB 827: Plann... … more »


Wiener's Even More Onerous Senate Bill 828

Posted by: Richard Hall

While Senate Bill 827 is getting all the attention it deserves, sitting in its' shadow is another equally onerous Senate Bill proposed by Scott Wiener and likely a... … more »

justice_gavel.jpgMarin County Superior Court Throws Out Frivolous Lawsuit Against FWTV Attorney Edward Yates

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marin County Superior Court Judge Haakenson Throws Out Frivolous Lawsuit filed by County of Marin against Friends of West Tam Valley’s... … more »


Paradise Lost? The Bittersweet Legacy of the Buck Trust

Posted by: Charles Brousse

The first of two articles on the controversial relationship of the Buck Trust with Marin County’s arts scene, focusing on live theater as a representative example.... … more »


Shell Games - Part II: MCE's cash hoard

Posted by: Jim Phelps

Marin Clean Energy is sitting on a mountain of cash that continues to grow. The cash doesn’t belong to MCE, a not-for-profit government agency, it belongs to its r... … more »


The Committee to House the Bay Area and the coming tax tsunami

Posted by: Bob Silvestri -

On Monday evening, I attended an event held by the Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers (CO$T) at Piatti Restaurant, entitled “What they don’t want you to know about ta... … more »

Mill-Valley-Burns.jpgMill Valley City Council continues to carelessly endanger the lives of residents

Posted by: Bob Silvestri

Starting in 2007, Mill Valley undertook a public process that eventually produced the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan in 2016. All totaled that process included ove... … more »

Screen-Shot-2018-01-10-at-7-54-35-AM.pngThe Death Knell for California's Single Family Neighborhoods

Posted by: Richard Hall

Will State Senator Scott Wiener & Developers Change California’s Single Family Neighborhoods to High Density by State FiatUnbeknownst to most Californians, cha... … more »

MCE-emissions.jpgMCE’s GHG Numbers at Odds with Reality

Posted by: Jim Phelps

Marin Clean Energy recently issued its 2015 annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rate. MCE's anticipated announcement represents the gold-standard of clean energy ... … more »

Harmful Microwave Radiation Coming To A Nearby Telephone Pole -Unless Residents Voice Concerns

Posted by: Sharon Rushton

Please contact the Marin County Board of Supervisors and Mill Valley Senior Planner Danielle Staude to help prevent the imminent placement of dangerous 4G and 5G S... … more »

Measure A Kentfield Schools: What all the Money Means

Posted by: Mimi Willard

The "Yes on A Campaign": What all that money means Kentfield School District voters have been inundated with glossy campaign flyers, Robocalls, and print and ... … more »

Unlimited High Density Proposed Statewide

Posted by: Richard Hall

Scott Wiener, a state senator representing San Francisco, has introduced a new housing bill SB827 removing all zoning density limits within 1/2 mile of train stati... … more »

18 acres of open space at Victory Village will now be sold for development

Posted by: Charles Cornwell

The following letter has been sent to the Marin County Board of Supervisors as a comment on their decision, tomorrow, on providing grants and loans to the develope... … more »