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Richard Hall

San Rafael, California

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Richard Hall is the former President of the Vista Marin Homeowners Association and a supporter of measured growth.

Richard led the successful opposition to the San Rafael Civic Center Priority Development Area (PDA) and was involved from early on fighting the Larkspur Station Area Plan. Both development plans that targeted neighborhood for substantial growth were made without any consultation or outreach to residents.

Richard became more involved as he witnessed a questionable committee process that served to exclude and dismiss resident input and concerns. While the PDA designation has now been rescinded, driven by the injustice he witnessed, Richard became more engaged in understanding transportation and land use planning.

Richard frequently writes and presents on the topic of measured growth. He has produced videos that include "The Story of How Marin Was Ruined“ to help increase public education and awareness.

Richard is a high-tech Director of Product Management who has worked on web and mobile apps for Sony, Dolby, Autodesk and the first Internet startup – Netscape. He uses a mastery of business modeling and spreadsheets to understand the true benefits of land use and transportation projects.