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Update on Strategies to Address Homelessness in marin

Zoom Webinar
September 23, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

In 2018, Marin Coalition’s program “New Approaches to Homelessness in Marin” presented a panel of representatives from the County, local cities and non-profit groups to discuss the challenges, strategies, and opportunities to address this important issue. Much has happened in the last three years in this challenging area, and we felt an update for our audience is much needed.

Our first program of the season will feature five panelists to discuss the status of homelessness, how and why has the situation changed over recent years, how the situation is being managed, and opportunities for improving the circumstances of those who are homeless. Audience questions and participation will follow the formal program. We hope you’ll join us for an interesting and informative presentation.

Ashley Hart McIntyre, Homelessness Policy Analyst, Marin County
Lynn Murphy, Metal Health Outreach Liaison San Rafael Police Dept.
Andrew Hening, Project Manager, Opening Door Marin
Katy Spence, Manager-Homeless Outreach St. Vincent de Paul Soc.
Paul Fordham, Deputy Executive Director, Homeward Bound Marin

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