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The Marin Post offers a cross-platform advertising opportunity that displays on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

The Best Online Advertising Value in Marin!

Who reads the Marin Post?

Marin Post readers are highly-educated professionals of all ages, who are actively engaged in their communities. Readership is currently growing by 2,500 new readers every month!

We Put You in Control

The Marin Post advertising solution is fully automated and puts you in complete control of creating and posting your advertisements. It could not be any simpler. And best of all our proprietary advertising app does not track the internet use of our readers.


"Dynamic Page Placement" For Better Results

The Marin Post’s ad solution ensures that every advertiser has equal exposure to all Marin Post readers.

Ads on the Marin Post are displayed in a different order, each time a reader arrives on the page or the page is reloaded. Our unique “randomization” generator guarantees that each advertiser will have an equal chance to have their ad at the top of the right hand column on the Home page and first at the top of the mobile device slide show, over the average publication period.

"Dynamic Pricing" Maximizes Value - Compare our Prices!

Yes, the Marin Post is the "New Kid On The Block," but we're gaining on our competitors, fast!

The Marin Post's fully transparent pricing is based on real time web metrics generated by audience reach, page views, numbers of unique visitors, the length of time a visitor remains on a page, and more. The charts below compare the actual overall competitiveness of the Marin Post with other online publications in our market. We set our pricing to ensure the best advertising value in Marin (CLICK image to enlarge chart).

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Compare our pricing to our competitors

Web Competitive Index

The "Web Competitive Index" measures market reach (metric is 1-10 with 10 being 100% of the potential market). It is powered by MOZ, an independent, third party SEO analysis of Internet advertising/marketing.


50% Off standard rates on all ads!

Now $25 for one week (7 consecutive days)

Now $75 for one month (30 consecutive days)

Now $175 for three months (90 consecutive days)


Fully Automated, Online Ad Submission

1 - To submit and publish an advertisement on the Marin Post, log into your account then go to "POST" and CLICK ON "AD" in the drop down menu. Follow the instructions on how to submit your ad copy for review.

If you don't have a Marin Post account, CLICK HERE to create a Marin Post account.

2 - When you receive notice that your ad copy and artwork have been accepted, follow the link in the email to choose the time frame you want your ad to run -- one week, one month, or 3 months. Enter your payment information and click the "Submit Payment" button at the bottom of the page.

3 - You will be notified by email when your ad expires and be provided a link to renew your ad.

4 - Marin Post advertising appears in the right hand column of our Home Page and on all Post display pages (Blogs, Notices, News, Media, and Letters), and in a "slide show" at the top of the page on mobile devices. Once an ad have been placed, you can delete it at any time.

5 - The Marin Post does not issue refunds for payments made for ads that are cancelled or deleted before their expiration date.



Why does the Marin Post have advertising?

The Marin Post is a free online news magazine available to the general public. The Marin Post is a project of Community Venture Partners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To date, this effort is supported only by the generosity of individuals like you. Advertising revenues are needed in order to be able to maintain our high standards, to offer a state-of-the-art reader experience, and help cover the costs of publication of the Marin Post.

How does the Marin Post determine page placement of my ad?

All advertisements appear in the column on the right hand side of the Home Page (and the BLOG, NOTICES, NEWS, MEDIA, and LETTERS pages), and in a “slide show” at the top of the page on mobile devices.

How does the Marin Post determine ad pricing?

The Marin Post uses traffic-based metrics and a proprietary “Website Authority Index” that compares our site to others, in order to ensure that we offer the most competitive rates.

How do I post an Ad on the Marin Post?

Go to “POST” in the main menu and click on “Advertisement,” which will bring you to the “Create and Publish an Ad” page. Then just follow the instructions. Follow the instructions to upload your ad image. Give it a title and enter the website URL address of the page you want to link your ad to. Then click on “Submit for Review.”

ALERT: If you are unable to upload an ad image, you need to DISABLE your "Ad Blocker" app.

What size should my artwork be?

The artwork for your ad should be 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high (an aspect ratio of 1.2 to 1). Using hi-resolution copy will help your ad display better.

Making Payment

Once we’ve reviewed and approved your ad, you will receive an email linking you to the payments page. On the Payment page, select the duration of your ad and enter your payment information, then click on “Submit Payment.”

We accept all major credit cards.

Once your payment is confirmed you will be notified that your ad is live on the Marin Post.

Does the Marin Post store my credit card payment information?

No. All Marin Post advertising payments are processed by Stripe, a third party payments processing company.

How do I renew my ad?

When your ad is about to expire or has expired, you will receive email notifications asking you if you want to renew it. Just click on the link in the email to go to the payments page and renew your ad. Or, go to "My Ads" under "MY ACCOUNT" to renew.

Can I edit my ad after it’s been published?

No, you cannot edit or change your ad after it’s been submitted for review. However, if you made a mistake and need a title or URL corrected, or an image changed, please Contact Us.

Can I take down my ad?

Yes, you can remove your ad at any time. Just go to “MY ACCOUNT” and “MY ADS” and click on “delete.”

No Refund Policy

The Marin Post does not issue refunds for payments made for ads that are cancelled or deleted before their expiration date.

Publication Policy

The Marin Post reserves the right to reject any advertising that we find to be inappropriate for our readership.

Please contact us with any questions.

The Marin Post is a project of Community Venture Partners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower writers and provide an online platform for discussion of issues of shared community concern.