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California's New Housing Laws - Truth and Consequences

October 25, 2021
1:00 pm


For CO$T Supporters and Friends

Monday, October 25, 1:15 pm

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Aiming to fix California’s housing problem, recently-enacted statewide statutes supersede local housing policy. What happens from here? The experts weigh in: State Senator Mike McGuire, State Assemblyman Marc Levine, Novato Mayor Pat Eklund, and CatalystsCA founder Susan Kirsch. Hosted by Marin’s Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers and moderated by the Marin IJ’s Dick Spotswood, this Q&A panel discussion examines the consequences -- good and bad -- of limiting cities' control over planning, growth and zoning.

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Is Single Family Home Ownership Doomed?

Will More Houses REALLY be Affordable?

What About Local Infrastructure, Public Safety & Taxes?

What Should YOU Do?

CO$T Webinar All Star Panel:

Mike McGuire - State Senator

Marc Levine – State Assembly & Insurance Commissioner Candidate

Pat Eklund – Novato Mayor & Longtime ABAG Representative

Susan Kirsch – California Community Catalysts for Local Control

Dick Spotswood, Moderator - Marin IJ's Militant Centrist Political Columnist

CA State Laws Now Target "The Housing Problem" at the Local Level - What Happens from Here?

Legislation to change housing policy statewide is an ongoing thrust and highly contentious. Can recent and future Sacramento legislation deliver a lot more housing and improve affordability? What are the consequences -- good and bad -- of limiting cities' control over planning, growth and zoning? Hear from prominent leaders with diverse viewpoints, all of whom aim for a better California.

The Latest Big Development? It’s SB-9

In September, 2021, two days after his recall victory, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB9 as part of a 24 bill package intended to address housing supply and affordability.

What is Senate Bill 9?

It is the most controversial of the recently enacted laws. Some praise SB-9 as breaking a housing supply logjam. Some predict it will do little. Still are concerned it ends single-family housing and local control of planning. A repeal initiative is already underway. It allows property owners to split a single-family lot into two lots, add a second home to their lot or split their lot into two and place duplexes on each. The last option would create four housing units on a property currently limited to a single-family house.

The new law will mark a shift from current policies that allow only two large units — a stand-alone house and an accessory dwelling unit — on single-family lots, as well as an attached junior unit no larger than 500 square feet. Under the new law, local control will be attenuated, as cities and counties across California will be required to approve development proposals that meet specified size and design standards. Proponents say that outlawing single-family zoning is a linchpin to housing more Californians affordably and equitably.

Detractors say local control over planning is essential to ensure adequate infrastructure, public services, evacuation, and livable neighborhoods.

Where Our Panelists Stand on SB-9:

State Senator Mike McGuire – Co-Sponsored SB 9 and voted Aye

Assemblyman Marc Levine — Voted NO on SB-9

Pat Eklund – Favors local government control over planning & growth

Susan Kirsch – Concerned about the impact on single-family homeownership and neighborhoods.

Don’t miss the chance to hear this dynamic panel and ask questions.

Join Us Monday 10/25 at 1:15 PM

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