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Marin Cty Suicide Prevention Collaborative

September Suicide Prevention and Recovery Month Community Events and More

September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021

September is the National Suicide Prevention Month and in September 2020 Marin County initiated the Suicide Prevention Collaborative (SPC) which is focused on both suicide prevention and recovery throughout Marin. During 2020, the SPC held monthly Zoom meetings to engage and educate our community on suicide prevention and warning signs.

On September 1st, the SPC begins its second year events and its new campaign "Supportive Transitions: Reconnection, Reenter, Rebuild". Transitions, that is what people do, where they do it, and with whom, can be unsettling, disorienting and stressful and impact mental health. For a long time, such major life changes have been understood as suicidal risk factors.

From March 2020 to today, the pandemic thus transitioned our community's life fabric, it has also strengthened the resilience and resolution among many individuals. Now that we are reentering "normal" life, we are all experiencing yet another broad transition and so the SPC is focusing on navigating together activities such as in-person education, reconnected friendships, rediscovered activities and reimagined futures.

To seek help and support people who attempted suicide or are in recovery here are many things you can do:

Organization: Suicide Prevention Collaborative

Contact: Kara Conners

Contact Phone: 415-320-5717

Contact Email:



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