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The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition National Roundtable Event

March 26, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Gentrification of a Working Waterfront: How it can happen and what it means to the community. Communities across the country are losing working waterfronts at an alarming rate.

About this Event

Along with the good jobs, the creative industries and the artists that they sustain. Sausalito’s working waterfront, known as the “Marinship,” and is now threatened by wealthy landowners and real estate interests that are pressuring the City Council to re-zone the Marinship. If successful, landowners and real estate interests will reap windfall profits as the Marinship becomes gentrified - and pushes out the industrial and creative workspaces that house valuable service providers, innovative entrepreneurs, and a wide range of artists.


Guest speakers will share experiences from efforts in their communities. Panelists will include:


Learn more about the the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition.

The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition (SWWC) is a coalition of Sausalito's Maritime Craftsman, Technology Innovators, Industrial Craftsmen, Artisans, and Artists advocating for the protection of our livelihoods, our city's economic heart, and cultural heritage. Sausalito'ss working waterfront, called the Marinship, is faced with the same gentrification pressures that working waterfronts along our nation's coasts have been dealing with for decades. Developers wish to locate residential, office and mixed-use and other non-water-dependent developments along the waterfront.

Our vision for the future includes an expanded maritime/artist/industrial economic engine that leverages Marinship's history of innovation and fabrication. Marinship is poised to become an innovation and incubation hub focused on resilient technologies that can address the realities of a changing environment. This can only be accomplished if we envision Marinship not as a zone whose return on investment is to be maximized, but as an ethos where ideas are welcomed, vetted, fabricated, tested and developed.

Organization: Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition

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