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TEDxMarin - The Brain Science of Sleep and Why We Dream

Virtual Salon
April 16, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and a significant portion of that time dreaming. Why?

On Friday, April 16th, 2021 TEDxMarin brings together an A-list set of sleep and dream researchers to reveal and discuss how the brain functions during sleep, how to sleep better, and why and how we dream.

The program will feature five original Talks PLUS a Q&A with audience-generated questions.

ALL TICKET HOLDERS will be sent a private link and passcode just before the event to watch this original program.

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DESCRIPTION: Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout our life. Yet unhealthy sleep and sleep deprivation are at all-time highs. It is linked to heart disease, depression, obesity, and lower life expectancy. Seventy million people suffer from chronic, severe sleep disorders in the United States alone.

Proper sleep leads to healthier brain function, emotional well-being, physical health, enhanced work, and physical performance. Good Sleep has been shown to reduce risks for dementia and related memory issues.

We will learn how to sleep better, what exactly our brain is doing during sleep, and how to minimize chronic sleep disorders. This program will go deep on how and why our brains dream, including a look at lucid dreaming, engineering dreams, nightmares, and how crucial healthy sleep is.

This fascinating salon features some of the top researchers in their field.Salon-Speakers.jpg


RAFAEL PELAYO MD Stanford University TOPIC: How to sleep better, with the latest research on chronic sleep issues and practical solutions. Author of the book HOW TO SLEEP.

GINA POE UCLA Professor/Researcher Poe Sleep and Memory Lab TOPIC: The Brain while Sleeping. The deep science on how exactly sleep regenerates the mind and body and how it stores memories.

ROBERT STICKGOLD Harvard/Director of the Center for Sleep and Cognition.

TOPIC: The Science behind our need to dream. An exploration of what dreams are, where they come from, what they might mean, and what role they may play in our mental wellbeing.

ANTONIO ZADRA University of Montreal researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine. TOPIC: Understanding the purpose and experience of Lucid Dreams and why we have them.

MICHELLE CARR, PH.D. Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Psychiatry University of Rochester Medical Center. TOPIC: A deep look at sleep psychophysiology, nightmares, and dream engineering (the influencing of dreams for mental health and wellbeing).

Plus: Question and Answers from the audience generated questions for all our speakers.

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