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Mill Valley hearing on the Fire Hazard Reduction Advisory Committee (FHRAC) draft report

Mill Valley City Hall - Virtual Online
March 15, 2021
6:30 pm

As clearly explained in the recent Marin Post article, Mill Valley's dysfunctional government rolls on - the Fire Ordinance Vegetation Management Plan, the case of MVRPW v. City of Mill Valley has been settled. And while the Proposed Ordinance stipulated by the settlement agreement is a significant step, it is also seriously flawed and I think the community deserves better.

We will get a chance to voice our concerns at the hearing on the Proposed Ordinance, at the Council's April meeting. However, as a precursor to the City providing this public hearing, you should know that the Fire Hazard Reduction Advisory Committee (FHRAC) draft report has been placed on next week's City Council meeting agenda, which can be found at Item #9.

CLICK HERE to read the meeting agenda and its attached reports.

The FHRAC was created to continue to push through changes to our vegetation management ordinance that should have never been put before us. I have attended these committee meetings and there has been little regard for the strong concerns about our vegetation management ordinance’s revisions to date - except for the 3' hardscape - and tons of back-peddling.

I think the Council’s response to the FHRAC's report will be a very clear test of where your elected representatives stand on this draconian Vegetation Management Ordinance. It will also be a test of community support for and push-back against the upcoming public hearing of the Ordinance in April.

Please make your voice heard Monday night by writing in or attending to express your concerns.

The Fire Hazard Reduction Advisory Committee has just been a guise to deflect and ease us all into stomaching an onerous ordinance.

Please speak up now or you may find yourself fighting the City for all three exemptions once you’re “inspected”. A fight to protect habitat, your property and even your safety.

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