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What the Democratic Supermajority Means for California and Marin

The Club at McInnis Park Golf Center
350 Smith Ranch Rd.
San Rafael, California
February 6, 2019
11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Speaker: State Assembly Member Marc Levine

For the first time since 1883, the Democratic Party in California Party will hold a Super-majority in the State Legislature. They now control a two-thirds majority vote in the both the State Assembly and State Senate. This position will provide the Democratic Party the ability to introduce and pass legislation on major issues, including reform on the State’s Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Proposition 13.

The Democratic majority will also now have the opportunity to introduce and pass new legislation on housing, immigration reform, education and transportation issues.

Come hear veteran legislator Marc Levine share his vision for California’s future with Coalition members at our February event. Assemblyman Levine will discuss the opportunities and challenges the Democratic Party will face with this super-majority.

The Q & A period will give attendees a chance to ask Mr. Levine about issues such as housing, education, immigration, and transportation. Attendees should expect an informative and interesting discussion.

Marc Levine, An Assembly member since 2012, represents Marin and Sonoma Counties. Prior to his election to the Legislature, he served on the San Rafael City Council. He holds a Master’s Degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, CA as well as a degree in Political Science from Cal State Northridge. Marc lives in Marin County with his wife Wendy and their two children.

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