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Livable California

What We Can Learn from the California Planning Roundtable

Taraval Police Station
2345 - 24th Avenue
San Francisco, California
February 2, 2019
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

T Keith Gurnee will join us after three days in Sacramento at the California Planning Roundtable. Keith warns "a number of professional planners are starting to drink Wiener’s and Newsom’s Kool-Aid. Political correctness is one of their guiding principles, and I'm one of the rare contrarians."

Gurnee was elected to the San Luis Obispo City Council when he was just a 23-year old Cal Poly student in 1971. His passion for good government prevails. Deeply concerned about the "build, baby, build" mentality in SLO and throughout the Bay Area, he ran for Mayor in 2018. Facing tremendous opposition, he was defeated, but his commitment stays strong.

Join Livable CA and T Keith Gurnee for a firsthand account fresh from the Roundtable. Learn about the actions individuals and groups must take to protect local jurisdictions' rights and responsibilities to plan, which is under assault by a corporate/government push for regional planning.

Organization: Livable California

Contact: Susan Kirsch

Contact Phone: 415-686-4375

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