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Letter to CA Senate Governance and Finance Committee - SB 50 - OPPOSED

The following letter has been sent to Senator Mike McGuire and members of the California Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

Senator Mike McGuire
Chair, Senate Governance and Finance Committee
California State Capitol, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814
Re: Senate Bill 50 (Weiner) - OPPOSED

Dear Senator McGuire:

I am writing to join other Marin County and Northern California community leaders in opposing SB 50.

I have lived in Marin County for over thirty years, the last fifteen of which in the City of Larkspur’s Greenbrae community. I am a second-term member of the Larkspur City Council and was the City’s Mayor in 2017, although I am writing this letter strictly in my capacity as a private citizen.

SB 50 is a deeply flawed piece of legislation that undermines the ability of local municipalities to effectively manage land use planning decisions within our jurisdictions. The City of Larkspur currently is going through an extensive update of our local General Plan, and a big part of that involves comprehensive revisions to the Plan’s state-required Housing Element.

Our City is strongly committed to the goal of improving access to housing throughout California where needed. SB 50 would only compromise our ability to fulfill that commitment in a responsible way, while creating an unwarranted financial boon to corporate development interests.

I urge you to vote no on SB 50.

Very truly yours,
Kevin T. Haroff