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Americans for Responsible Technoloogy

Keep Our Children Safe! 5G Crisis Day of Action May 15

San Rafael Downtown Plaza
1000 4th Street
San Rafael, California 94901
May 15, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY has initiated a National Day of Action to focus attention on the health crisis threatening the well-being of our children, ourselves and the environment.

5G-small-cell technology gravely alarms scientists, physicians, privacy / surveillance experts and ordinary citizens.

Dr. Martin Pall, PhD: "5G is vastly more dangerous than what we already have . . . all the industry claims about safety are completely and utterly wrong."

Dr. Ronald Kostoff, PhD: ". . . a major contributing factor to the onset of myriad serious diseases . . ."

Dr. Ronald Powell, PhD: "It would irradiate everyone, including those most vulnerable to harm from radio-frequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill."

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE SAN RAFAEL EVENT AND BRING OTHERS (especially parents with their young children and people newer to this topic).

Hear expert speakers, including Marin physicians and the director of the California Brain Tumor Association. Get free information, participate in sign-carrying (signs provided).

5G Day of Action Explained:

Because we are facing a 5G crisis, Americans For Responsible Technology is planning a nationwide Day of Action on May 15th, calling on wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) and their sub-contractors (Crown Castle, ExteNet Systems and other antenna installers) to suspend the deployment of small cell wireless antennas in residential neighborhoods until such time as chronic, low level exposure to 5G radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation can be proven completely safe.

The coordinated events will take place in cities and towns across the country from 12 noon to 1:30 (local time) on Wednesday, May 15th. The purpose of these events is to raise public awareness of the issue through media coverage, and to place the burden of responsibility where it belongs: on those who stand to profit from the deployment of 5G.

While there are many troubling aspects to the wireless radiation problem, this event concentrates on the impact of chronic radiation exposure on children. Children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental exposures, particularly those that can affect the developing brain and increase the risk of cancer.

The instinct to protect children is understood, and an important goal on May 15 is to send a message that resonates with young parents and others in the community who may not yet be familiar with the impact of wireless radiation on human health.


Americans For Responsible Technology mission: "We are committed to promoting new technologies that protect the health, safety, security, privacy and property values of our fellow Americans."

See full statement and more here:

San Rafael rally organized by affiliate organization EMF Safety Network and local residents.


Organization: EMF Safety Network

Contact: Vicki Sievers

Contact Phone: 415.454.0104

Contact Email:



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