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Americans for Responsible Technoloogy

NO to 5G Rally: Keep Our Children Safe From Wireless Radiation Harm

Downtown Plaza
1000 4th Street
San Rafael, California 94901
May 15, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND AND BRING OTHERS (especially parents with their young children and people newer to this topic).

In collaboration with the EMF Safety Network and Americans for Responsible Technology, concerned citizens, parents, and advocates of safe technology are hosting a downtown RALLY with expert speakers, informational signs and free materials

You will hear Marin physicians who are alarmed about 2G-3G-4G effects on the health of their patients. 5G is bringing them out of their offices to focus our attention on this newer threat to the well-being of our children. The director of the California Brain Tumor Association and the co-director of Marin's Ecological Options Network will also speak.

You will learn what you can do to reduce your family's exposure and what you can do to effect policy change at the local, state and federal levels. You may even win a book or a DVD of the documentary Generation Zapped!

The Science: Hundreds of studies have shown that long-term exposure to wireless microwave radiation causes biological harm. The radiation overwhelms the body's chemical and electrical systems, leading to serious medical issues that range from neurological problems to cancer. Children are more vulnerable to these effects as their physiology is still developing.

Our children have a right to play in their yards and sleep in their beds without being subject to constant, involuntary exposure to microwave radiation that could harm their health. We have an obligation to protect them.

We are collectively calling on wireless companies to voluntarily stop their deployment of small cell wireless antennas in residential areas until their technology can be proven safe.

Dr. Ronald Powell, PhD: "5G would irradiate everyone, including those most vulnerable to harm from radio-frequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill."

For more information about 5G and its implications

You can also view the important documentary Generation Zapped for free through Monday, May 13th, at—when prompted select 'Rent $4.99' and enter code: GenZappedFree



Organization: EMF Safety Network

Contact: Vicki Sievers

Contact Phone: 415.454.0104

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