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Livable California

Press Conference

Hiram W. Johnson State Office Building
455 Golden Gate Ave (btw Polk & Larkin)
San Francisco, California
December 5, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Livable California is teaming up with Coalition to Preserve LA to host a Press Conference in response to Senator Scott Wiener's release of SB-50, the new iteration of SB-827, which proposed high-density housing near transit.

You're invited to join us. TOMORROW - Wed., 12/5 at 2:00 pm

Who: Livable California (No CA) and Coalition to Preserve LA (So CA)

What: Senator Scott Wiener's SB-50 (revised SB-827)

When: Wed. December 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Where: Hiram W. Johnson State Office Building, 455 Golden Gate Ave (btw Polk & Larkin), San Francisco 94102

We have an impressive line-up of speakers to address SB-50's unprecedented targeting of working-class and middle-class single-family neighborhoods. Scores of communities and small business districts statewide would be upzoned and destroyed to make place for large apartment complexes, owned by investor corporations intent on profits, not people.

SB-50 is a significant effort to continue state takeover of local planning and zoning. It seeks to accomplish the following:

SB 50 is silent on how much affordable housing the bill will require developers to provide in the large, market-rate apartment complexes that fuel gentrification and rising land costs. SB 50 also contains no protections for needed open space, land promised for parks, or long-protected historic assets. As in previous years, it seems to forget that cities don't build housing; builders do.

According to our analysis, because of San Francisco's extensive bus lines and transit lines, single-family zoning in San Francisco will be wiped out entirely. The only exception appears to be buildings in which renters now live, or lived, in the seven years before developers apply for the upzoning.

In Los Angeles single-family zoning and density limits in business districts would be nullified in large sectors of Los Angeles and its suburbs.The result would be potential destruction of many diverse, working-class and middle-class Latino, black and Asian single family neighborhoods.

Join us tomorrow - rain or shine.

Speakers for Livable California include Pat Burt, former Palo Alto mayor and City Council, Liang Chao - Cupertino, newly elected City Council member, Norma Garcia, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) and Susan Kirsch, Founder, Livable California. Speakers for Coalition to Preserve LA include Executive Director Jill Stewart and others.

As in previous years, this housing legislation is being rolled out with a mantra of "We have a housing crisis. It's urgent. We have to do something." We agree there is a housing problem that needs to be and can be solved. But the chorus of voices calling this an emergency--after two years and more than 25 Sacramento housing bills, should indict the legislators, not cities. They try to justify more laws that undermine community planning as expressed in General Plans and Housing Elements. This is unacceptable. This is the real crisis--the effort to move decision-making about community life, infrastructure, and well-being from local hands into the hands of legislators influenced by big business

Organization: Livable California

Contact: Susan Kirsch

Contact Phone: 415-686-4375

Contact Email: