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Livable California

MTC's CASA: More on the Threat to End Local Land Use Authority

Taraval Police Station
2345 - 24th Avenue
San Francisco, California
December 8, 2018
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Background: The Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Committee to House the Bay Area or CASA aims to supplant local say in land use via the creation of a new, public-private governmental entity with the power to impose taxes, issue debt, buy and sell land, and standardize zoning across our region.

CASA is working behind the scenes with Bay Area state legislators to draft and pass laws in 2019 that will authorize CASA, which will identified revenue sources for the $1.5 billion that it will need every year for 15-20 years. CASA staff have recommended those sources should be sought with minimal voter approval.

This last week, Mercury News East Bay Times Editorial Boards (11/27/18) and The Marin Independent Journal (11/29/18) exposed MTC's lavish retreat site as their shameless choice to deliberate their latest scheme--Committee to House the Bay Area. Read the articles and ask, "Do I trust MTC and CASA to be making decisions for me and my neighbors?"

Join us on Saturday to learn more about CASA. Join like- minded elected and community leaders who advocate for moderate growth and fiscally-responsible policies that support local infrastructure and services.


9:30 Gathering & Networking –with coffee

10:00 Welcome & Introductions

10:20 CASA Overview – Zelda Bronstein, investigative journalist, 48 Hills, The Marin Post, The Nation and other publications; former chair, Berkeley Planning Commission

10:40 Q&A & Discussion

11:15 Action Steps to Mobilize Opposition

11:45 Wrap-Up & Announcements

12:00 Adjourn

Organization: Livable California

Contact: Susan Kirsch

Contact Phone: 415-686-4375

Contact Email:



MTC, housing legisilation, regionalism, revenue grab