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MarinHealth Launches New MarinHealth Spine Institute

MarinHealth today announced the opening of MarinHealth Spine Institute, a new specialty clinic that brings together leading experts in spine surgery, pain management, and anesthesiology to provide more treatment options for patients with spine conditions—from innovative pain management techniques to the most advanced, minimally-invasive surgical procedures.

The Institute was created to meet the increasing need for patients who require innovative multidisciplinary spine care. At the new Marin Health Spine Institute, patient visits, surgical and nonsurgical treatments, and pain management are provided at one location. Hence, patients receive care efficiently with maximum collaboration between specialists.

The Institute is made up of a team of recognized leaders, including renowned spine surgeons Brian Su, MD, and Kevin Hwang, MD, a specialized anesthesiologist Ramana Naidu, MD, physical medicine & rehabilitation specialists Ernest Sponzilli, MD, and Lyndly Tamura, MD, and multiple physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

“We have brought together spine experts from different specialties to form one team driven by proven and personalized treatment plans for each patient, guiding them from diagnosis through recovery,” said Brian Su, MD, spine surgeon and co-medical director of spine surgery at MarinHealth Medical Center.

The Institute offers treatments for degenerative spine conditions, such as spinal arthritis, stenosis, spinal cord or nerve compression, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal instability, and chronic pain syndromes. If non-surgical treatments fail, surgery is performed using the most up-to-date, evidence-based techniques that leave the least invasive surgical footprint.

“Through this collaborative approach, we’re able to harness the extensive resources available within the MarinHealth Medical Network, allowing us to tailor treatment plans for each patient and achieve the best outcomes,” said Ramana Naidu, MD, an anesthesia pain specialist at the Institute. “This is an example of how MarinHealth is raising the bar in quality and accessibility.”

MarinHealth Spine Institute | A UCSF Health clinic treats Larkspur and San Rafael patients. For more details, visit or call 415-925-8200 to schedule an appointment.