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Ranjiv Khush

CSPP supports Ranjiv Khush for District 3 MMWD Board of Directors

In the upcoming MMWD Board of Directors election for Division 3, currently held by Larry Bragman, CSPP strongly supports Ranjiv Khush, PhD.

Ranjiv said that he has followed CSPP for years for the following reason (in his own words): "As a Marin taxpayer and public agency Board member for Marin Sonoma Mosquito Vector Control District, pension plans and liabilities are always front and center."

In speaking to CSPP, Ranjiv exhibited full awareness of both Marin Water District's pension and OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) problems. He knew the District's UAL (Unfunded Accrued Liability) was only at 62% and was decreasing yearly. This, in his estimation, is a sign of poor fiscal management. CSPP wholeheartedly agrees.

As core group member, Dick Tait, commented: "Ranjiv's mention of the excellent report issued by City officials John McCauley (Mill Valley) and Larry Chu (Larkspur) wrote in 2019, demonstrated to me that he is not a newcomer to OPEB issues." In a letter to you at that time, I enclosed this for your reference:

The 2019 report picks up where the last report left off and extends discussion of the steps cities and towns can take to prepare for the expected substantial increase in the cost of retirement benefits. Emphasis is placed on three major recommendations. This report also provides benefits data for the cities and towns in Marin as well as some additional data that contrasts public employee benefits with those offered in private industry.

Both reports are available on the MCCMC website at:

Based on these stellar credentials, CSPP strongly supports Ranjiv Khush for the MMWD Board of Directors, Division 3. If you are as impressed as we are, please consider supporting his campaign efforts even if you are not in Division 3.

To learn more about Ranjiv, please go to his website at: http:/

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