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Richard Holland

Thank You for Supporting Measure A!

Marin County's environmentalists, nature lovers, farmers, and majority of voters support Measure A -- and we hope that you are part of this group as well!

Organizations leading the County into a more resilient future all back Measure A: The Marin Conservation League, Marin Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Federated Indians Graton Rancheria, Marin Horse Council and most other local organizationssupport the County's efforts to sustainably manage our Open Space and natural areas.

Our local farmers, who manage much of the county's undeveloped land, are partners in protecting our natural resources.

What are reasons given for not supporting Measure A?

One comes from a small group of opponents of sales taxes -- a small group that doesn't value supporting our Open Space. Another small group are those who oppose our local agriculture and disagree with designating 10% of Measure A funds to promote conservation easements. Politics is compromise, and even those disagreeing with 10% of "where the money goes" ought to support the 90% they do agree with.

My kids are the 4th generation of family in Marin. After college they may or may not come back, permanently, but the Open Spaces of Marin will still be home to them. Measure A not only safeguards our environment, it also provides funding for fuel reduction and sustainable management of our natural areas. Many of us volunteer our time to collaborate in these efforts; others can feel satisfied just supporting our efforts simply by paying a bit more in sales tax.

Everyone in the County has access to Open Space -- a little appreciation goes a long way!

Vote YES on Measure A


Measure A