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Catalysts in CA Times with LA experts Hydee Feldstein Soto and John Heath

Hydee Feldstein Soto is a candidate for Los Angeles City Attorney 2022 and John Heath is president of the United Homeowners’ Association based in Los Angeles. Both are articulate, passionate volunteer leaders waking up Southern California neighbors and colleagues to the misguided housing policies coming out of Sacramento.

Feldstein Soto sums it up in one short sentence. “Dictating from on high will not work.” Heath describes the real threat that both homeowners and renters are waking up to. “Sacramento is facilitating a massive transfer of wealth from low-income communities to Wall Street.”

The Feldstein Soto/Heath 30-minute interview is the third in a 6-part series called Catalysts in California Times.The purpose of the series is to give a voice to people opposing Sacramento’s bully tactics to force top-down compliance with bills that harm communities. Hardly any of the 2021 bills provide affordable housing for low-income wage earners.

In a previous episode, Mike Griffiths, Torrance City Council member and founder of California Cities for Local Control, describes the threats to local control that motivated him to start a state-wide Resolution Campaign. The goal is to give City Councils and individual elected officials the chance to unify their voices to say “enough is enough.” Marin cities have been invited to join the 70 other cities and nearly 500 individual City Council members that have passed their own tailored Resolution, but so far no Marin cities are on board.

Catalysts in California Times is a series of 30-minute YouTube videos created in partnership with California Times. Guy Meyer, 5-year host of Marin Cable-TV’s California Times, is the host and talks to guests about housing and 2021 legislation. In the first interview, he talked to me about the threat of corporations buying up housing stock and turning our country into a renter nation.

Upcoming episodes will feature Rick Johnson, retired San Francisco Water Department Senior Manager talking about a water/housing balance. In another episode Palo Alto City Council woman Lydia Kou and Peggy Huang, Mayor of Yerba Linda in southern California, talk about the impact of misguided state housing legislation on their cities.

A new interview will be posted on the website every week. The show also airs on Channel 26, Marin’s cable television station, Mondays at 6:00PM and Tuesdays at 10:30 AM.


Hydee Feldstein Soto John Heath, United Neighborhoods, housing density, state legislation