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Courtesy of Can Art Stop a Bullett

Can Art Stop a Bullet: William Kelly's Big Picture

“I know art has power, and I am absolutely convinced that although a painting will never stop a bullet, a painting can stop a bullet from being fired.”

William Kelly

Directed by Mark Street, and produced by Fiona Cochrane, Can Art Stop a Bullet: William Kelly’s Big Picture tells the story of Kelly’s creation of his collage-based installation Peace or War/The Big Picture in Australia’s State Library Victoria.

The collage consists of works by a number of artists and others addressing the crucial issue of violence versus peace. The art contains no explicit images of war or violence. Instead, Kelly sought images which contain point and counter point between the idea of the peace that some of us are able to live in generally, and the war and violence which others are suffering—with the aspirations that we will be able to bring a bit more harmony into the world.

Kelly is the host of the film, and in telling the story of this work we hear from a large number of people from many places speaking their thoughts on war, violence, and peace. Below is a list of the people who present on camera.

Can Art Stop a Bullet: William Kelly’s Big Picture is a quietly spectacular film that deserves a massive audience.




Raymond Watson, artist IRA, 12 years imprisoned

Rita Duffy, artist

Maze Prison – County Down, Northern Ireland

Halina Wagowska, Author, Activist, Holocaust Survivor

Mikael Levin, Artist

Sarah Sentilles, Author, ‘Draw Your Weapons

Professor A. C. Grayling, Philosopher

Nick Ut, Photographer

Professor Sasha Grishin AM, Art Historian and Curator

Martin Sheen, Actor/Activist

Professor Ian McLean, Art Historian

Ben McKeowm, Atist

J. D. Mittmann, Curator, Blackmist Burnt Country Exhibition

Rosemary Lester, Anti-Nuclear Activist

Dr. Tilman Ruff AM, Co-Founder, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Yukinori Yanagi, Artist

Don Brown, Film Translator

Emiko Okada, Hiroshima survivor/Peace Activist

Kiyomi Kohno, Hiroshima survivor/Peace Activist

Luis Iriondo, Artist survivor of the bombing of Gernika

Iratxe Momoitio Astorkia, Director, Gernika Peace Museum Foundation

John Keane, Artist

Peter Sparling, Dancer/Choreographer

Denise Navarrete, The Facing History School

Emerald O’Shaughnessy, Artist/Director, ArkT Arts Center, Oxford, UK

Michael Diaz, Teacher, The Facing History School

Wendy Flores, The Facing History School

Jayson Rivera, The Facing History School

Chaz Young, The Facing History School

Rokhayatau Ndiaye, The Facing History School

Emma Gonzales, Parkland High School Student

David Hall, Parkland High School Student

Zakia Bassou, Co-Founder, 1000 Roses, London

Cocovan, Artist

Francesco Pisano, United Nations Library, Geneva

Dr. Rama Mani, Founder, Theater of Transformations


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