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Smart thermometers are proving social distancing really works very fast

A company called Kinsa sells "smart" thermometers that send user data to a central server and so they can map the progression of diseases that cause fevers (e.g., flu, coronavirus, etc.) in real time. They are now expressing this data on maps, which gives a unique view into how "shelter in place" is working to slow down the spread of all temperature causing diseases.

However, their history of data can also spot show when unusual trends / increases appear that are above normal ranges expected for this time of year. This is particularly true of Covid-19 cases.

For example, this image shows the daily rate of change for Marin County, CA.


It is screamingly obvious that the minute shelter in place and social distancing became mandatory, the number of cases has collapsed, far below normal trends for this time of year.

To see any other county of state, click on the link below and use the intereactive map tool.

This shows how quickly social distancing and stay home orders are working to dramatically reduce disease transmission. So, keep up the social distancing, working from home, frequent hand washing, and wear a mask when out in public whether you have symptoms or not. It is working.

Now consider this. Medical experts estimate that the outside time limit to see symptoms is 14 days. It's important to note that if everyone in the world self quarantined for 14 days, and those who got sick went to special, separate treatment centers, the disease would essentially be over at the end of those 14 days.