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Livable California recommends Governor Newsom veto SB 330

As a member of the Board of Directors of Livable California, I sent the attached letter, written on behalf of our Board, to Governor Gavin Newsom, which was delivered last week. While it remains to be seen whether it will have an impact on the Governor’s decision to veto AB 1487, we will not rest until we can turn around the false narrative that is fueling so many misguided housing bills this year.

Dear Governor Newsom,

On behalf of Livable California, a non-profit organization of over 6,000 members who are committed to the wise planning and appropriate growth of California's communities, we urge you to veto SB 330 for the following reasons:

In closing, solely blaming local governments for the housing crisis is simply a false narrative. Many of our cities are providing timely approvals of housing projects. For example, one of the City Council members of the City of San Mateo has noted it has approved all housing projects that have been considered over the last 10 years.

Local government actions usually improve the quality of projects to gain their acceptance in the community. Cities also use the entitlement process to ensure adequate infrastructure is provided to serve development projects. Eliminating or abbreviating this process so developers can build without regard to impacts to our communities will adversely affect the quality of life in many cities and their neighborhoods. We need to find a better way to find real solutions to the housing crisis.

Governor Newsom, we applaud your efforts to expand the state's supply of truly affordable housing, but SB 330 isn't the way to do it. While signing it into law may "look" like the state is doing something about the affordable housing crisis, it ignores the true causes behind that crisis while placing unfair burdens upon our local communities.

Please veto SB 330.


T.Keith Gurnee – Livable California Board of Directors