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2019 MCCMC Report on Pension/OPEB Reform

I received this just released report by the Marin County Council of Mayors and Council members (MCCMC).

The CSPP core group members are studying it in detail and will follow up with our own impressions - although a first read shows the enormous effort put into this work and the valuable information made available.

It is interesting to compare the 2011 report to that released yesterday. Both the 2011 report and the new 2019 report are linked in the note to me yesterday.

When CSPP first formed in 2011, Larry Chu was our very first guest and remained an important source of information in our formative years - and beyond. He has remained a vocal advocate for the need of a sustainable public pension system.

CSPP is currently discussing holding a forum at which the MCCMC members who worked on this latest study can present their findings to you and answer your questions. I will keep you informed.


From Larry Chu and John McCauley:

The Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers has released an update to a 2011 report on the reform of pensions and other post-employment benefits. The initial study focused on how the problem started and provided a toolbox of potential solutions.

The 2019 report picks up where the last report left off and extends discussion of the steps cities and towns can take to prepare for the expected substantial increase in the cost of retirement benefits. Emphasis is placed on three major recommendations. This report also provides benefits data for the cities and towns in Marin as well as some additional data that contrasts public employee benefits with those offered in private industry.

Both reports are available on the MCCMC web site at:

or you can click on the links referenced above.

Larry Chu John McCauley

Vice Mayor, City of Larkspur Councilmember, City of Mill Valley