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John Parulis

SB592 Dead For The Year!

Senate Bill 592 (Wiener) didn't get out of Rules Committee by the deadline close of business midnight last night. Livable California's lobbyist has confirmed it is dead for the year.

SB-592 would have done the following:

- Create a lawsuit industry in which luxury housing developers can sue any city that fails to meet bizarre new deadlines for approving private projects.

- Severely cut down community input on housing proposals, giving luxury developers the bully pulpit in any neighborhoods they target.

- Doesn't require a single unit of affordable housing.

Summary from the State Assembly Floor Analysis of Senate Bill 592

"This bill extends protections of the Housing Accountability Act (HAA) to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and certain ministerial decisions, and adds new provisions related to enforcement of the HAA."

"Major Provisions:

"1) Applies the HAA to a housing development project regardless of whether the local agency's review of the project is a ministerial or a use-by-right decision, or a discretionary approval.

"2) Adds ADUs to the definition of "housing development project."

"3) Defines "lower density" to include any conditions that have the same effect or impact on the ability of the housing development project to provide housing, including a condition requiring a reduction in the number of bedrooms.

"4) Provides that if an applicant resubmits an application to a local agency after it has been determined to be inconsistent, not in compliance or not in conformity with an applicable plan, program, policy, ordinance, standard, requirement or other similar provision, then the local agency is required to provide an applicant written documentation explaining why the housing development is inconsistent, not in compliance or not in conformity within 30 days of the resubmittal.

"5) Specifies, for any action brought to enforce the provisions of the HAA, the enforcement provisions apply regardless of whether the action of the local agency was taken in a proceeding that legally requires a hearing."

Research credit: Sharon Rushton, Sustainable TamAlmonte


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