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Stop SB 50 - Save Your Community - January is Critical

Stop SB 50!

Hundreds of communities and cities oppose this radical law by state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco that would jam luxury apartment complexes RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HOMES, FOLKS!

Click on this SB 50 Wipe out Map to SEE THE FATE OF YOUR STREET if SB 50 becomes law, banning single-family zoning in almost ALL 400+ California towns and cities.

On Jan. 6, Wiener will unveil changes to SB 50 in his bid to silence powerful opponents like the L.A. City Council — by handing them exemptions from SB 50. Using his Russian Nesting Egg approach, Wiener will again hide his surprises in legalize that few people can untangle.

Californians must stop Wiener by Jan. 24 — if we stop him by then, the bill is DEAD.


Here are four January 2020 Calendar Tasks we ask of YOU:

Right Now! Join Our SB 50 Instant Analysis Volunteer Team!

We ask our allies across California, with strong legal or planning or analytical expertise, to help create an INSTANT ANALYSIS of the amended SB 50 between Jan. 6 and Jan. 9. If you've got analysis talents, contact us at We'll warmly put you to work!

Jan. 11: Copy the Simultaneous Jan. 11 Town Halls in South L.A. & Mission District

We urge community leaders & city officials to hold meetings and town halls on Jan. 11 to share the INSTANT ANALYSIS and SB 50 Wipeout Map. Get on your cell phones or laptops to contact your legislators.

Be like South LA & the Mission District! Make Jan. 11 count!

Jan. 12: Spend a Sunday writing letters to the editor of a LOCAL paper

Unprecedented media bias has allowed SB 50 to survive, led by the terribly misguided Los Angeles Times, in a city whose black homeowner community will be obliterated by Wiener.

Jan. 24: Drop-dead date in Appropriations Committee

Do what you can! Fly to Sacramento to lobby your 2 legislators. Organize a small team at your home to call legislators. Visit legislators' district offices -- near you! Include the senate Approps Committee in any calls you make. (Please reach Approps members at the numbers below.)

Thank you all!

Here’s background / links to help your make your calls & write to legislators:

Sen. Scott Wiener’s “trickle-down” housing theories helped fuel the housing mess in San Francisco. Now he wants to export it statewide. Please donate to help Livable CA pay a lobbyist. The other side has a team of many lobbyists and we must meet power with power.

Do you need Talking Points to make your calls or write emails to legislators or newspapers? GO to and CLICK NEWS. Under NEWS, CLICK TALKING POINTS.

BE SURE TO READ on, about the “3.5M Lie” still being told by the Los Angeles Times and even Gov. Gavin Newsom. It’s a phony, despicable number no person with authority should ever cite.

Find out why at

Here’s how to reach the state Senate Appropriations Committee by phone:

Anthony Portantino (D) La Cañada Flintridge, Burbank, Glendale, So. Pasadena (916) 651-4025 (He is critical of SB 50)

Patricia Bates (R) Orange County (916) 651-4036 (This former social worker opposes SB 50)

Steven Bradford (D) Gardena, Compton, Inglewood, Harbor City (916) 651-4035 (He avoids discussing)

Jerry Hill (D) San Mateo, So. San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View (916) 651-4013 (He opposes SB 50)

Brian Jones (R) Southeast of San Diego, San Marcos, Escondido (916) 651-4038 (Position is unknown)

Bob Wieckowski (D) Fremont (916) 651-4010 (Position is unknown)

Livable California is a non-profit statewide group of community leaders, activists and local elected officials. We believe in local answers to the housing affordability crisis. Our robust fight requires trips to Sacramento & a lobbyist going toe-to-toe with power.

Please donate generously to here.

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