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Marin Clean Energy's liability numbers

Marin Clean Energy's greenhouse gas (GHG) emission numbers are out and, once again, they do not track with reality.

For the latest year of available data, MCE increased GHG emissions to the atmosphere 162,569 tons compared to the same energy volume being produced by PG&E for calendar year 2016.

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MCE claimed it would reduce GHGs by 175,000 tons in 2011. It claimed this reduction would continue to 534,000 tons per year by 2020. This is expressed in this graph that was produced by MCE:

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However, since MCE’s 2010 business launch through 2016, MCE has increased overall emissions 1.07 billion pounds of GHG, as determined by actual deliveries of energy to customer meters. (For full disclosure purposes, there is also a PCC 0 category of energy that may increase, or decrease MCE's and PG&E's emissions, however, access to these contracts is not available. MCE applies a blanket zero emissions to all PCC 0.)

All this begs the question: If MCE is increasing global warming what is its financial liability in the wildfires, and resulting mudslides, that strike Californians?


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