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Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips, Project Censored, at Marin IONS

Unity In Marin, Novato
600 Palm Drive
Novato, California 94949
July 12, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Peter Phillips will be discussing his latest book

TOPIC: Giants: The Global Power Elite

Marin IONS Community Group
Friday, July 12, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Unity In Marin

600 Palm Drive, Hamilton Center, Novato

Donation: $10.00 and bring a snack or beverage to share

This new world order of mass capital has become a totalitarian empire of inequality and repression. Sixty percent of the core 198 global power elite managers are from the US, with people from twenty capitalist nations rounding out the balance. These power elite managers and associated one percenters take active part in global policy groups and governments.

Regime changes in Iraq and Libya, Syria’s war, Venezuela’s crisis, sanctions on Cuba, Iran, Russia, and North Korea are reflections of a new global imperialism imposed by a core of capitalist nations in support of trillions of dollars of concentrated investment wealth.

The global power elite function as a non-governmental network of similarly educated, wealthy people with common interests of managing and protecting concentrated global wealth and insuring its continued growth. The global 1% comprise over 36 million millionaires, and 2,400 billionaires who employ their excess capital with investment management firms like BlackRock and J.P Morgan Chase.

The top 17 of these trillion-dollar investment management firms—which Phillips calls the Giants— controlled $41.1 trillion dollars in 2017. These firms are all directly invested in each other and managed by only 199 people who are the decision makers on how and where global capital will be invested.

BIO: Peter Phillips

Professor of political sociology at Sonoma State, is director of Project Censored. Since 1993, Project Censored has published its annual list of the most under reported news stories in the form of a book. The premise is that far too often the most important news gets buried or ignored, and mainstream corporate-funded media feeds us "junk food news".

Peter Phillips and colleague Mickey Huff are co-hosts on Project Censored, a weekly radio show on KPFA (94.1) on Fridays from 1-2 pm. Their in-depth interviews cover the key political, social, and economic issues of the day.

Organization: Marin Community Group of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)

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