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Livable California

Urge Gov. Brown to veto SB-828

September 9, 2018 to September 30, 2018


URGE Governor Brown to VETO SB-828. FAX: 916-558-3160

Many of you signed the petition urging defeat of SB-827 (high density housing near transit) and SB-828 (changing the method to set regional housing need allocations (RHNA). SB-827 died in committee. SB-828 has passed the House and Senate and is likely to be on the Governor's desk this week.

URGE Governor Brown to VETO SB-828. FAX: 916-558-3160

An overarching concern is SB-828 shifts RHNA from a planning process to a production mandate, which was never the intent. It imposes consequences for cities that don't meet regional/state-imposed quotas, even though cities don't build, developers do.

URGE Governor Brown to VETO SB-828. FAX: 916-558-3160

While some say the worst of the bill has been removed, at its core it is an adversarial, top-down, one-size fits all piece of legislation that devalues small towns', cities' and communities' planning and community engagement tools: General Plans, Housing Elements, Design Review, and CEQA. Instead it caters to the interests of corporations, big business and large cities. Changing the process for determining regional housing needs allocations (RHNA) benefits a few who build moderate and high-end housing, but fails to meet the needs of the majority.

URGE Governor Brown to VETO SB-828. FAX: 916-558-3160


  1. Send a simple message on letterhead: Dear Governor Brown: I/we respectfully urge you to veto SB-828. Include your name and contact info.
  2. We've been told a fax has greater impact than a call or email.
  3. Mailing Address (if you don't have a fax): The Hon. Edmund G. Brown, Jr, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814.
  4. The governor has until the end of the month to sign legislation, but SB-828 is likely to get to his desk this week. Take action ASAP.
  5. Please forward this notice to others.

Resource: Livable California's letter requesting a veto of SB-828.

Governor Brown's FAX: 916-558-3160

Organization: Livable California

Contact: Susan Kirsch

Contact Phone: 415-686-4375

Contact Email:



Final chance: Urge veto SB-828