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What they don’t want you to know about taxes, pensions, public education and services

Piatti Restaurant - Bayview Room
625 Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, California
September 24, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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The Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers’ (CO$T) Fall Forum

Monday September 24, 6:30-8:30PM
Piatti’s Restaurant, Bay Room, 625 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley

“What They Don’t Want You to Know”
…about taxes, pensions, public education and services

Featuring Guest Speaker:
Govern for California President
David Crane

Skyrocketing retirement benefit costs are crushing California’s public schools and universities. From his then-perch on the boards of CALSTRS and University of CA, David Crane presciently sounded the alarm that “they” didn’t want you to hear. He continues to voice concern about where the money goes. Crane now heads Govern for California, which backs political candidates committed to changes that will save California’s public institutions.

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Demand may exceed capacity.

Event format:

6:30 pm – Doors Open, Mingle over Free Appetizers and Drinks
7:00-8:30 pm - Prepared comments, Q&A, and post-event mingling

Same day registrants: Please arrive by 6:45 PM, so meeting can start promptly at 7PM.
We will accommodate you if there's room.

Admission - no charge.

Donations welcomed: Credit card, check, cash. Ask about donating stock.

Breaking news! The IRS has approved our new 501(c)3 Foundation (donations are tax deductible) as well as our existing 501(c)4. If you're making a donation, ask us about the options.

Click here to reserve a spot at this popular event.
Demand may exceed capacity.


CO$T aims to:

1. Keep local taxes and fees on housing and basic services affordable.
2. Encourage officials to prioritize spending on the uses most important to taxpayers.
3. Improve transparency and fiscal responsibility at local agencies and districts.
4. Educate taxpayers about the cost and use of their local taxes and fees.
5. Urge that tax measures be fair, equitable, and approved by those who will be paying.

CO$T’s activities include:

1. Host non-partisan public meetings about local tax policies and the options.
2. Inform voters about proposed new and renewed taxes and fees.
3. Research whether new taxes and fees are necessary and how they will be used.
4. Investigate cost-effective alternatives to higher taxes and fees.
5. Guide local officials on which tax and spending proposals voters would favor.
6. Serve as Taxpayer Representative on district Citizen Oversight Committees.

CO$T is an all-volunteer organization led by our Board of Directors. Our Advisory Group gives periodic guidance and assistance on projects. We email alerts on issues and developments to followers who sign up to receive our communications.

Organization: CO$T - Coalition Of Sensible Taxpayers

Contact Email: