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San Rafael City Council Considers Urgency Wireless Small Cell/5G Ordinance December 17

San Rafael City Hall
1400 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, California 94901
December 17, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The San Rafael City Council votes Monday night on an Urgency Ordinance amending the Municipal Zoning Code and an accompanying policy Resolution.

The Resolution establishes provisions and procedures for regulating the placement of small wireless facilities.

Agenda Item 6.c

The ordinance includes a number of suggestions made by members of the public who understand the dangers of harmful 5G radiation. Physicians and scientists worldwide are so alarmed about adverse health effects of 5G deployment that over 200 have called for a moratorium on any installation at all.

Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, a leading researcher on the biological effects of radiofrequency radiation(RF), wrote to the California legislature about 5G in 2017:

"Legislators would best pause to understand the gravity of the biological effects and the ramifications for physical and mental health, as well as the consequences from continual damage to human DNA, and learn the facts from scientists who are independent of the wireless industry, not from the industry lobbyists who have a gigantic conflict of interests."

A presentation on FCC rulings and a draft ordinance drew an overflow crowd at the December 3 San Rafael meeting. FORTY citizens spoke at the podium, urging the council to keep 5G away. Marin IJ reporter Adrian Rodriguez covered the hearing well.

Attendance and public comments had an impact. The significantly-revised Urgency Ordinance and Resolution incorporates some of the requests and suggestions made by the public.

The Ordinance/Resolution includes:

• a 500-ft. setback from residential districts

• a 500-ft. separation between small wireless facilities

• public notice to properties within 500 feet of any proposed facility

• an expanded review process for permit applications

PLEASE ATTEND THIS DEC. 17 meeting, whether or not you reside in San Rafael. Please notify others and bring them with you. A large turnout will emphasize the importance of passing this measure, continuing to refine it, and continuing to raise awareness in Marin and beyond.

If you choose to speak, please thank the council and staff for their responsive listening, and for the impressive work this revision represents. Urge them to continue to enact further protections going forward, such as requiring at least 1500 feet between antennas, a greater radius than 500 feet for public notice, and heightened attention to fire danger.

Dr. Pall recently explained to a Tucson audience how RF radiation makes plants more flammable. He will soon be publishing on this topic.

What a privilege it is to have access to our elected officials, and a public forum in which to share our values and voice our concerns.


Organization: EMF Safety Network

Contact: Vicki Sievers

Contact Phone: 415 454-0104

Contact Email:



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