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Take action to stop traffic from getting worse - an urgent message from Strawberry!

Marin Board of Supervisors Council Chambers - Marin Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Drive
San Rafael, California
December 12, 2017
1:30 pm

If you think we already have to put up with too much traffic congestion and delay, now is the time to tell the Board of Supervisors that "Enough is enough."

That's because the Supervisors will be holding a hearing on TUESDAY DECEMBER 12 where they could give the green light to a massive expansion of use at the old Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Strawberry. That would make a bad situation worse.

North Coast Land Holdings (NCLH), owned by the Texas oil billionaires who purchased the Seminary site back in 2014,has applied to operate an unidentified school with 1,000 students, as well as building a new gym and 1,200 seat theatre. In addition, NCLH proposes 410 new residential units on the same site. These would NOT be limited to students, as the existing housing has been.

A professional traffic consultant has estimated that the combined project will generate 7,500 additional car trips per day. The traffic generated by this project will further burden Highway 101, Tiburon Blvd., East Blithedale, the Redwood Frontage Road, and the already-clogged 101overpass.

What can you do to protect your community's interests and values?

Let the Supervisors know that you are fed up with traffic and don't want a 1,000 student private school to add even more frustration and delay to your daily life. Tell them that you want them to uphold the recent Planning Commission decision denying NCLH's application, Suggestions:

1. Contact the Board of Supervisors at Use the subject line "Don't make traffic worse". Write a simple message like "I urge you to uphold the Planning Commission decision denying NCLH's application and avoiding 7,500 additional car trips per day." Sign your email with your name and community.

2. Forward a copy of your email to your City Council members. Ask them to support local residents about worsening traffic conditions. Address the email to

3. Go to the Board hearing on Tuesday December 12, at 1:30PM at the Civic Center and speak directly to the supervisors.


Contact Phone: 415-473-7000