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Governor Newsom Sues 1.3 Million Californians

More than 1.3 million Californians signed petitions to qualify the Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA) for November 2024 ballot. The outpouring of support shows voters’ desire for change and gives voters a say on new state and local taxes. In retaliation, Governor Gavin Newsom sued to prevent this vote and wants to remove TPA from the ballot.

This type of lawsuit led by Governor Newsom, is hard to imagine. Why would an elected official want to shut the door on our ability to have a say in our government and our tax money?

So, what is the Governor so afraid of? The Taxpayer Protection Act states that politicians must use our tax money for what they said. If they want to raise state taxes, they are required to get approval from voters. In addition, the TPA eliminates loopholes that have allowed unelected boards and commissions to pass fees, aka "hidden taxes," without voter approval.

In essence, Governor Newsom is suing Californians to prevent voters from being able to demand accountability, transparency, and oversight in how the government taxes us and how that tax money is used. He is taking us, the voters, to court to stop Californians from watching and questioning what they're doing. They say, "Trust us, but don't ask too many questions."

Politicians love to tell us they're fighting for our rights and needs. But when they try to avoid being held accountable, it feels like they're fighting against us. They seem more worried about keeping their power than doing what's best for the people of California.

Why this lawsuit? What are they hiding?

We vote, hoping for change. Politicians come to us with big promises, saying they'll make things better. But after the votes are counted, those promises often get forgotten or ignored.

To some of these politicians, running our government is just a business. Government has become a business where they don't have to answer to the people who hired them – us, the voters. Instead, they listen more to the people with big money – the lobbyists and special interest groups. These groups seem to have a stranglehold over our politicians. It feels like they're the bosses, not us.

Everywhere we turn, it's another fee, another tax. Our wallets are getting squeezed. Everything costs more, and our paychecks can't catch up. From the state to local government, everyone's charging us. Yet, when we ask, "Where's our money going?" these politicians dodge the question, and now they are suing us in court to block our ability to hold them to their promises.

We deserve leaders who are honest and open. Not those who hide or run away from responsibility and block our ability to have a voice in how we are taxed. After all, they're supposed to work for us, right?