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Concerned Magnolia

Say No to High Rise in Larkspur

This is an important call to action for all residents of Larkspur and Kentfield residents regarding the current proposed Magnolia Village Development.

As many of you know the city council decided to continue the hearing on the current plans for the site, but we need to act. And act fast.

We are in favor of development of the property, which is housed at Magnolia and Estelle Avenue. But we are against the current plan for many reasons. The size and the scope of the project are just too big and come with many safety concerns.

The building will include a 4th story outdoor rooftop party deck that will not add to the charm of our small town but will change it drastically. No building on Magnolia (except City Hall) is more than two stories currently.

This party deck will add no additional interior square footage and will cause noise and privacy concerns in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Part of the plan would take away the bike lane on Magnolia Avenue and replace it with parallel parking spots that would cause traffic issues as well as safety concerns for bike riders.

We would like the council to remove this proposed 4th story.

If this plan is approved it will set off a chain reaction that will never be able to be undone. Other buildings on Magnolia have been solicited many times in the last month by other developers.

Please spread the word to as many of our community members in Larkspur and Kentfield to let them know that we will not stand for our city to be overrun with large residences all thanks to a housing loophole that would as it stands the developer is set to make a huge profit at the expense of our city.

Please email all Larkspur City Council members and let your voices be heard.

Gabe Paulson- Mayor

Kevin Haroff-

Catherine Way-

Scot Candell-

Kevin Caroll-

The council is set to meet again on this issue on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 6:30 pm at Larkspur City Hall. It is our hope that you will not only be at the meeting to voice your concern but also reach out to the city council leading up to the meeting as well.