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Californians For Home Ownership unmasked

Californians for Home Ownership have been branding themselves as “activists” and the press has been going along with it. I have been following this issue for a long time, and recently wrote a published letter to the editor of the Marin IJ on the subject.

Rich Halstead took it a step further in an article in the Marin IJ and has really unmasked this group. I was glad to be able to provide a couple of quotes.
The link to his article “Housing lawsuits against marin cities funded by Realtors” 2/15/23 is below the quotes,

“Amy Kalish of Mill Valley, director of the activist group, said in an email, “Californians for Home Ownership is a well funded astroturf non-profit set up by the California Association of Realtors to look like housing activists.

“The end game,” said Kalish, “is to sue cities into upzoning faster, paving the way for developers to create salable product, especially the mandated and profitable 40% above-moderate (market rate) units the state built into the numbers.”


California Association of Realtors, Californians for Home Ownership