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Ross Valley Flood

Save San Anselmo Creek Park Plaza

The residents of San Anselmo have decided too much taxpayer money has been spent for too many years on Flood Control solutions that have been poorly
designed, at odds with the needs of the community, and without San Anselmo
residents being consulted.

An initiative to withdraw San Anselmo from Flood Zone 9 has been officially certified by the Marin County Registrar with 1,295 verified signatures, hundreds more than the 952 needed.

At this time, only the Marin County Board of Supervisors has the authority to
make decisions on any flood control project in our town. Since 2008, County staff
has spent over $40,000,000 and no significant benefits for San Anselmo.

The Initiative addresses a range of concerns citizens have expressed over the
years, namely:

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent on County staff and consultants with no real flood control in sight. San Anselmo residents contributes $50,000 every month to the Flood Zone, $600,000 each year and about $8,000,000 since 2008.

There is mounting public opposition to demolition of Creek Park Plaza and the
waste of our tax dollars on non-existent flood control. Since the approval of the
Flood tax, in a controversial election in 2007, the County has attempted to
convert recreation facilities into flood basins.

In previous initiatives, the voters in San Anselmo overwhelmingly voted down creating a flood basin at Memorial Park and Millennium Playground (which our children call ‘Dinosaur Park’) as have Fairfax residents who saved Lefty Gomez Field from becoming flood basin.

The Initiative for San Anselmo to withdraw from the Marin County Flood Control District is supported by San Anselmo Vice-Mayor Eileen Burke and former Mayors Paul Chignell, Matt Brown, Ford Green, Anne Wooliever, Jeff Kroot, Tim Yarish, and Maria Zharoff.

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