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Californians for Community Planning

Californians for Community Planning 2022 Ballot Initiative has been filed to protect local control of zoning

Communities for Choice, a bipartisan, grassroots group has filed for the Californians for Community Planning Ballot Initiative to protect local control of zoning, land-use and development. They are seeking signatures to put the initiative on the ballot for the 2022 general election.

Per the authors,

"The Community Choice Initiative will amend the State Constitution to make zoning and land-use municipal affairs, and bring a halt to the centralized land-use and zoning coming out of Sacramento. One size does not fit all."

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The following press release has been published.

Redondo Beach, CA —

August 25, 2021

Today, a bipartisan group of proponents from Northern and Southern California have filed the Californians for Community Planning Initiative to protect local control of zoning, land-use and development. The initiative was filed for title and summary with the State Attorney General, starting the process to place the Initiative on the ballot for the General Election on November 8, 2022.

Proponents and supporters of the initiative include elected local government officials, affordable housing advocates and everyday Californians that reject efforts to strip local communities and local elected officials of their ability to plan and implement zoning and other land use policies."

This measure will amend the State Constitution to ensure zoning, land-use and development decisions are made at the local level, and to stop the multitude of legislative bills like SB9 and SB10, emanating from Sacramento that seek to override municipal and county control over land-use and development.

Specifically, it provides that any county or city ordinance or regulation “that regulates the zoning or use of land within the boundaries” of the city or county will not be a state affair, with few exceptions such as the Coastal Act.

These amendments will supersede the centralized State land-use planning that will eliminate single-family zoning in California, gentrify neighborhoods and destroy the unique 2 characteristics of each community, as well as place great burdens on cities and counties to properly govern their communities.

The need for affordable housing is not being solved by State Legislation. Recently enacted, and currently proposed legislation by the State only addresses market-rate and luxury housing while eroding the ability of local communities to plan for future environmental and economic challenges and support the critical infrastructure necessary for public health and safety services including schools, police and fire services. Local cities and counties are uniquely capable and best suited to analyze and protect the characteristics, constraints, and needs of their communities.

“For far too long, California has relied on a broken land use planning system driven by Sacramento politicians and special interests that incentivizes over-development of market rate housing, without nearly enough emphasis on creating more affordable housing or mixed-income communities that our neighborhoods need in order to thrive.

"This initiative changes that by restoring power over land use and zoning decisions to the people who live in the communities directly affected and their local representatives, and ensures that we the people get to determine what our neighborhoods look like instead of relying on one-size-fits-all social engineering policies from Sacramento.” said John Heath, President of United Neighbors Homeowners’ Association, Los Angeles, CA

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