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Mill Valley City Council

Mill Valley Adopts Resolution To Oppose Housing Legislation That Erodes City Local Control


Good News! On July 8th, the Mill Valley City Council voted unanimously to adopt the "Resolution to Oppose Future California State Legislation that Further Erodes City Control". For details, please see the below notification that was written previously. Hats off to Mayor John McCauley, who composed the resolution!

Although many **cities throughout the state have adopted similar resolutions, Mill Valley is the first city in Marin to so so. Now is a good time to ask the Marin County Board of Supervisors and other cities in Marin to do the same and adopt resolutions to save local control of planning, land use and zoning.

** For a list of the cities who have adopted similar resolutions, please follow the below link:

Thank you to everyone who participated by sending in letters and/or commenting at the Mill Valley City Council hearing. Together we made a difference!


Support Mill Valley's Resolution to Oppose Housing Legislation that Erodes City Local Control

On July 8th, the Mill Valley City Council will decide whether or not to adopt a "Resolution Expressing Opposition to Future California State Housing Legislation that Further Erodes City Control". Please send in letters/emails of support for the resolution and attend the July 8th City Council Meeting.

WHAT: Mill Valley City Council Meeting

WHEN: July 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM


For directions on how to participate remotely, please follow the below link:

Send comments to:

Please follow the below link to read a copy of the Resolution.

The Resolution is five pages long. Below is a copy of the first section. Please follow the above link to read the rest.

Excerpt from the Resolution:


Mill Valley objects to the State of California continuing to pass legislation that undermines our local control over housing matters. This resolution discusses the City of Mill Valley's strong support for more affordable housing, how state mandates interfere with our efforts to develop affordable housing, how developer friendly state mandates on market rate housing increase evacuation risk and do nothing to encourage diversity, and next steps the City is considering.

We strongly support a pause in all housing legislation except for state bills that provide funds for below market rate housing development. Newly constructed market rate units are expensive, and do not materially impact the cost of existing homes. Our town is small, built out and desirable. State mandates on market rate housing do nothing to encourage affordable housing and the diversity of housing costs our city supports. The City Council declares that, should the State continue to pass legislation that undermines local municipal authority, control, and revenue, the City of Mill Valley will support actions, such as a ballot measure, that would limit the State's ability to control local activities and strengthen local democracy and authority....."

Additional Reasons to Support the Resolution and Oppose CA State Housing Legislation:

Many state laws, both enacted and proposed, override local control of land use, zoning, regulations, and development standards and eviscerate decades of careful planning. They also strip away environmental review, community engagement, and democracy. They increase the risk of adverse impacts on the environment, public health and safety, traffic congestion, infrastructure, utilities (water supply), public services (schools), views, sunlight, privacy, neighborhood character, and quality of life. Furthermore, the laws result in unfunded mandates because they almost always offer no funding to local jurisdictions for dealing with these impacts.

Local planning efforts (general plans and zoning ordinances) encourage public engagement and are much better than the State at determining the location, quality and quantity of development. Local planning efforts are also better at anticipating necessary government services such as water, sewer, utilities, schools and traffic flow.


1. Please attend the July 8th public hearing:

WHAT: Mill Valley City Council Meeting

WHEN: July 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM


For directions on how to participate remotely, please follow the below link:

2. Please send in comments:

Please send in your own letters, or, if you don't have time to compose your own letter, then please send in a brief email that endorses Sustainable TamAlmonte's attached letter.


"Dear Mayor McCauley and Mill Valley City Councilmembers,

I endorse Sustainable TamAlmonte's letter and fully support the City of Mill Valley adopting a a resolution expressing opposition to California State legislation that erodes local city control. Please make certain that the resolution declares that the City to Mill Valley will not only oppose new legislation but will also seek to amend or rescind previously enacted legislation that limits local control, authority, and democracy.



Send comments to:

Thank you in advance for taking action. Together we can make a difference!


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