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Call to stop Sen. Atkins' push for high-density housing-SB9

Last year, Sen. Toni Atkins pushed two controversial housing bills SB50 and SB 1120, which were defeated. This year she's back with a variation bill called SB 9.

The offensive elements are still in place. This top-down housing bill would give developers freedoms to convert single-family neighborhoods into high-density housing - without requiring affordable housing and against the wishes of the community.

The bill is being rushed for a vote in the Assembly's Committee on Local Government on Wednesday, June 9. Developer/ corporate backers hope the bill passes before the public has time to weigh in on it. SURPRISE THEM. Make calls today and leave a message.

ACTION: Make 9 CALLS in about 10 minutes!

SCRIPT (adapt to fit you): My name is ___. I'm calling re: Senate Bill 9 in strong opposition. The policy of the bill destroys single-family neighborhoods without providing affordable housing. The process of rushing this controversial bill to a vote on Wednesday is a disgrace. I don't live in the Assemblymember's district, but I urge a vote in support of the citizens of California, not in support of a land grab that benefits corporate profits.

Names, Phone & Voting Record: SB-1120 was the version of SB-9 in 2020. It got 3 no's and 1 abstain. On Wednesday, we need 5 No's or abstentions to kill the bill in the Assembly Local Government Committee.

Chair: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry - Napa- voted yes on SB 1120 - 916-319-2004

Vice Chair: Tom Lackey- Palmdale-voted no on SB 1120 - 916-319-2036

Richard Bloom-Santa Monica-voted no on SB 1120 - 916-319-2050

Tasha Boerner-Livermore- voted no on SB 1120 - 916-319-2076

James Ramos-Rancho Cucamonga-voted yes on SB 1120 - 916-319-2040

Luz Rivas- Arleta-voted yes on SB 1120 - 916-319-2039

Robert Rivas-Salinas-voted yes on SB 1120 - 916-319-2030

Randy Voepel-Santee-abstained on SB 1120 - 916-319-2071

THEN call your own ASSEMBLY Member. Ask them to urge a NO on SB 9.

PASS it along. Forward to your network, groups, and 5+ neighbors, colleagues or cousins.

Pat yourself on the back for taking action in support of transparency and sound housing policy.