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Housing Town Hall: SB9, SB10

Sacramento legislators are preparing to make sausage out of our neighborhoods. They’re about to empower developers and real estate speculators to zone our communities to fit their density dreams and sky-high profit-motives while trampling the vision, dreams, and financial and social aspirations of residents of all ethnicities.

If SB-9 and SB-10 pass and residential zoning restrictions are erased, block-by-block density will be allowed to grow from one residential unit per single-family parcel to eight units per parcel. Beautiful tree canopies that cool the air and reduce carbon will be removed. Ground surfaces that absorb water will be covered. Parking will be impossible. Backyards and boulevards will be eliminated.

The space between units will be reduced to four feet, less than the distance from the fingertips of your outstretched arms. The developer will not be required to pay for expanded sewer pipes or electrical lines. No one talks about where the water will come from.

And one more thing: there’s no requirement for affordable housing.

To learn more, read the companion piece on the Marin Post by Bob Silvestri or watch the video from the Marin Town Hall (March 24, 2021). If you’re pressed for time, use these approximate time stamps to guide your through the 90-minute event.

00:01 Overview - Susan Kirsch

04:35 Intro to Dennis Redoni, President, Marin County Board of Supervisors

06:15 Welcome - Dennis Redoni

09:10 The Misleading Language of Housing Legislation – Susan Kirsch

14:15 Intro to Maria & Jeff Kalban, UnitedNeighbors.Net

Maria Kalban, founder United Neighbors, Board member and chair of the Legislative Committee, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association. Jeff Kalban, architect, chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee, Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council

15:20 Presentation on SB-9 (Aitkins) and SB-10 (Wiener)

19:45 The litmus test of a bill’s worthiness: Does it (1) provide affordable housing, 2) protect the environment, and 3) address infrastructure expansion and maintenance?SB-9 and SB-20 fail on each count.

26:10 Loss of local control

45:00 Alternatives to destroying single-family neighborhoods

51:5 Messages from Local and State Leaders – 7-Minute Video

1:00:00 Q&A

1:25:00 Wrap-Up. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, organized citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Marin Town Hall Tidbits:

Bay Area Transportation Group

Better Cupertino

California Alliance of Local Electeds

California Cities for Local Control

Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods

Community Venture Partners

Freeman Park Neighborhood Association

Friends of Mill Valley

Friends of the Hills

Golden Gate Resident Council

Los Altos Residents

Marin City Community Service District

Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning

Responsible Growth in Marin

Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association

Save Our Single-Family Neighborhoods

Sustainable TamAlmonte

West Bay Citizens Coalition

Women Helping All People


SB-9, SB-10, United Neighbors, Maria and Jeff Kalban, Dennis Rodoni, Mike Griffiths, Julie Testa