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Hire a Marin City Mentor - it MATTERS

As comedian Michael Che said in a comedy skit, "We're striving for Black Lives Matter? Matter? Really? Matter?"

Let's strive for better, let's strive for: "Black Lives are EQUAL."

Lately, I’ve been reading articles about families with means in Marin hiring personal tutors for their children during the pandemic or hiring teachers to teach a group of children in a personalized "learning pod."

I have a question:

What kinds of profound impact could we see if we considered hiring local Marin City teens and graduates who are Black or POC to assist in the tutoring and mentoring of our young children rather than perpetuating the status quo by hiring Marin's mainly white young adults?

Imagine how this decision could benefit the Black Lives Matter movement right here in our communities by building confidence and pride in our black youth while allowing them to earn more than minimum wage. This could give the black youth a platform to stand and feel appreciated.

This simple, mutually beneficial act would allow Marin's young adults to associate and build a relationship at a young age—sooner than entering Middle or even high school--with black youth, to respect and admire young mentors of color. Children by the age of 5 display almost the same racial biases as grown adults. We have the opportunity to instill the values of racial equity, fair play and diversity in our children now by choosing how we approach these decisions around schooling in the face of this pandemic.

I'm trying my best to raise my two children, here in Mill Valley, to be socially aware; the children of our future who will be accepting, kind and compassionate to all and know in their souls that Black lives are equal.

I remind them often that the start of life comes down purely to luck. We don't get to choose which country or family we are born into, or if our parents are well educated or of color. It's all luck and currently, some are born luckier than others in the eyes of society.

The majority of our population doesn't acknowledge this concept of "birth luck" and they are blissfully unaware that much of their successes can be attributed to the advantages they were ascribed at birth. Empathy for this current unfairness of birth could help make this country a better and more accepting place as we struggle toward true equality.

Make lasting change, hire Marin City teens and recent graduates to help facilitate our young children's education; we need to integrate and incorporate them in order to make real progress.

This inclusive endeavor could be a success if both student and mentor agree to open communication about COVID-19 safety protocol. The safety of both participates during this pandemic would be top priority. A mutual agreement of wearing face coverings while meeting in outdoor settings and maintaining six feet of distance would be essential to the success of this endeavor.

If you would like to learn more information about this project please reach out to Jahmeer Reynolds with Marin City Cooperation Team at

My desire for all of our children is to live in a community that genuinely welcomes rather than rejects and lends a helping hand when one is needed, as well as a community that teaches togetherness rather than superiority.

It would be nice to see this pandemic bring our community closer together and make progress where progress is desperately needed.

Hire Marin City Mentors– It MATTERS


Hire a Marin City Mentor - it MATTERS