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Mill Valley Mayor Sashi McEntee publishes an apology for her dismissal of Black Lives Matter

Mill Valley Mayor Sashi McEntee issued a written apology in response to a groundswell of protest, regarding her irritated dismissal of the social unrest across the country, in response to a simple question about what the City of Mill Valley is doing as a result of the murder of George Floyd.

It reads as follows:

In reading the many thoughtful letters I have received from the community, I want to respond further.

First, I deeply apologize for my choice of words at the council meeting. This is a sensitive moment, and I didn't acknowledge the community's deep sense of hurt and anger. For that I am truly sorry.

I stand with the protesters and those calling for justice for the Floyd family.

As to the question of how Mill Valley shows that black lives matter, I ask the community to join with me in the conversation.

I've directed staff to set up a public portal on our website so that those who live and work in Mill Valley can assist us in identifying and developing solutions to address systemic inequities and injustices in our communities.

I will be adding to our agenda a review of existing racial inequities and injustice in our city and county so we can develop a plan to address them, including the feedback from the portal and suggestions we have already received.

I invite the public to have further conversation, with social distancing, for Councilmember on the Plaza on Thursday at 5 pm.

I believe our shared humanity is stronger than our differences. I stand with you ready to find the solutions to heal our community.

Sashi McEntee