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Seamus O'Ramus

Oppose Renewed Legislative Assualt on Low Density Neighborhoods. Call to action 6/17.

It's a totally nefarious strategy on the part of the same cabal of dedicated low density neighborhood wreckers (Senators Wiener, Skinner, et al) to pack 4 different high density housing bills (SB902, SB1085, SB1120, SB1385) into the same legislative session in hopes that the Senate Appropriations Committee will fund at least one of them while the citizen populace is distracted and asleep. Here's how to stop this assault on single family low density neighborhoods.

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Scroll down to where Susan Kirsch tells you 2 ways to take action--(1) by setting up a comment account at the CA legislative position portal and (2) by email to Marin's Senator Mark McGuire (

To comment, you don't have to study each bill as Susan Kirsch and Sharon Rushton of Sustainable TamAlmonte have done. Focus on fiscal irresponsibility. inherent in each bill.

Your message can be this short and sweet: "SB____ is fiscally irresponsible. It will require the state and its municipalities-- instead of developers--- to incur the expenses of this bill. Cities cannot bear the burden of another unfunded mandate requiring massive expenditures on redevelopment of infrastructure."

--Signed (Name, Town or City)


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