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CO$T's Advocacy Succeeds! All Seniors to Receive Wildfire Exemption Applications.

Advocating on behalf of Marin's taxpayer-voters, CO$T succeeded in getting the new Marin Wildfire Preparedness Authority board of directors to unanimously approve our request that low-income senior exemption applications be mailed to ALL senior homeowners and with an ample June 30 window to postmark the completed form.

In our May 15 e-blast that's now posted on our website, CO$T alerted readers about a variety of local tax and fee exemptions and discounts for which they may be eligible.

The MWPA tax of 10 cents per building square footage merits special attention because the tax is new, sizable, and has a fairly generous threshold for a low income exemption: $97,600 for 1 person; $111,550 for two; higher for more. That means a fair number of homeowners could qualify for exemptions and must know how to apply. We were concerned that eligible taxpayers might not apply because exemption information for this new tax wasn't on last year's tax bill nor on the county's property tax exemptions webpage.

We learned today that senior low-income exemption applications are now in the mail to ALL senior homeowners with a June 30 deadline for postmark. The form and instructions can also be found here. Some disabled individuals are also eligible for exemptions: check the MWPA website in coming days for more information.

Note that all MWPA tax exemption applications must be filed annually by whatever deadline is then in place.

Postmark Your Form by June 30!

CO$T thanks the supporters who brought this issue to our attention and appreciates the MWPA Board of Directors' favorable response.

Disclaimer: CO$T provides information about tax and fee exemptions and discounts as a public service to our readers. You must contact the county and/or agencies via website, email or phone for the most up to date and accurate information. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions.