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SF Bay Area-wide Order to Shelter in Place

Public health officers of seven Bay Area jurisdictions, including Marin, have issued a legal order directing residents to shelter at home for three weeks beginning March 17. The order limits activity, travel and business functions to only the most essential needs.

Scientific evidence shows social distancing is one of the most effective approaches to slow the transmission of communicable disease. The shelter-at-home order follows new data of increasing local transmission of COVID-19, including 258 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 4 deaths shared by the seven jurisdictions (as of March 15). This includes nine cases in Marin.

The Public Health Order is in effect until April 7, 2020 until 11:59PM. To answer questions related to the Public Health Order, we created an extensive Q&A document to help understand the Order. Non-essential businesses shall cease operations except to maintain minimum basic operations. Essential businesses include:

Public Health Officer Advisory

Watch video of Dr. Matt Willis on You Tube:

Reminder to Practice Good Hygiene

Protecting yourself

People who are in the vulnerable age group and/or have compromised immune systems due to a chronic condition, should protect themselves from exposure; take extra precautions to keep space between yourself and others and have a plan in the event you get sick.

Self-quarantine can be difficult but not impossible. Stay in touch with others by phone or email; you may need to ask for help and you need to know who you can reach out to. Consider ways of getting food brought to your house by family, social or commercial network.

County of Marin COVID-19 Hotline and Email

Have questions? Individuals can contact Marin Health and Human Services with non-medical questions about the Coronavirus by calling (415) 473-7191 (Monday – Friday, 9:30am to 12-noon and 1pm to 5pm) or emailing

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention