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California Lottery

Audit finds CA lottery shortchanged schools $36 million as revenues soared

This Sacramento Bee article was published late today, and I wanted to share it, immediately. What most surprises me is that although the State Lottery department has been under scrutiny for quite some time, mainly due to their lavish spending for parties and internal issues, no one has called for this audit before.

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Thankfully, State Senator Ling Ling Chang did request an audit which has revealed a great deal about the agency - including the $36 million that should have gone to state schools.

We have school funding on the ballots of almost every city in California. Statewide, Prop 13, which would authorize $15 billion in general obligation bonds, is being pushed as the answer to school infrastructure needs. Locally, school bonds and parcel taxes are once again front and center.

It's time for the school unions to address major pension reform efforts - and to keep a closer eye on the Lottery and give taxpayers a break.

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