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Advertising Now Available on the Marin Post

The Marin Post is pleased to announce the launch of paid advertising on our website. We have crafted a non-invasive and community-serving application that represents the best value available anywhere.

Our Marin Post readers are independent-minded, highly-educated professionals of all ages, who are actively engaged in their communities. Our readership is currently growing rapidly, by over 2,500 new readers every month!

The Best Online Advertising Value in Marin!

The Marin Post advertising solution is fully automated and puts you in complete control of creating and posting advertisements. It could not be any simpler. Click this link to post an ad, now!

The Marin Post is offering a cross-platform advertising opportunity that displays on all devices: computer, tablet and mobile.

For a complete explanation, please click this link

Why does the Marin Post have advertising?

The Marin Post is a free online news magazine available to the general public. The Marin Post is a project of Community Venture Partners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To date, this effort is supported only by the generosity of individuals like you. Advertising revenues are needed in order to be able to maintain our high standards, to offer a state-of-the-art reader experience, and help cover the costs of publication of the Marin Post.

Why did the Marin Post create its own proprietary ad application?

In considering all the types of advertising applications available (Google ads, etc.), we decided that our user's privacy and internet behavior was a primary concern, and that privacy was not assured using third party software. The Marin Post ad app does not track or record user's behavior on the web. We do not "data mine" our users.

Publication Policy

The Marin Post reserves the right to reject any advertising we find inappropriate for our readership.

Please contact us with any questions.