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Sacramento is Creating a Vast Lawsuit System to Enrich Luxury Developers

Sacramento is Creating a Vast Lawsuit System to Enrich Luxury Developers and You’ll Be Tapped for the Cash -

Two bills that let luxury housing developers shake down cities in court and overrun communities, written by Bay Area Democrats Scott Wiener and Nancy Skinner, are speeding along and will likely become law if they reach Gavin Newsom’s desk.

Thousands of Californians, including Livable California and allies, visited legislators, wrote and called, urging them to kill Wiener’s SB 592 and Skinner’s SB 330. But these twin “trickle-down” gentrification bills were greased by huge Silicon Valley interests.

Here’s what SB 592 & SB 330 do, and why we ask you to click here to find your legislator here and urge them to stop these bills on the floor.

What on earth is Sacramento doing? They’re panicking.

They’re panicking over a false claim that we need 3.5 million housing units by 2025. This false 3.5M shortage was entirely conjured up by developer consultants McKinsey & Co.

The false 3.5M has been fully debunked by think tanks like Embarcadero Institute and by no less than California’s Department of Housing. But the media love citing that frightening and false 3.5M.

California needs 1.1 million housing units, not 3.5M. Cities can achieve the 1.1 million by 2025 WITHOUT punishment, or community silencing or devastating gentrification overkill.

Read the true study here.

Join us in educating the media, who buy into the false 3.5M number, driving the panic that’s unfolding right now in Sacramento.

Thanks for speaking up,

Rick Hall

President, Livable California

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